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The Order of Mnerr is a group of monks (and exceedingly rarely nowadays, nuns) who practice monasticism; that is, they've taken it upon themselves to give up on the world and focus entirely on lofty spiritual pursuits that better no one but themselves. If it weren't for our Encyclopedia's own Brother Arfrus, they'd seem a lot crazier than they actually are.

The Order is located in Threel, on the shores of the Segundus Dagger. At first, this should cause you pause: how can a bunch of mostly silent, robe-wearin', distanced from the world hippies afford such a posh and expensive location? Realize that their sacred groves of trees, through which they walk and care for tirelessly, is more than just peaceful contemplation or tourist curiosity. Once a tree, of many different varieties like hungfold, has met "expectation", they're uprooted (very, very quietly) and "released". Physically, the "release" is nothing more than being hauled off by a lumber worker tree lover who has paid for the privilege. Spiritually, it's uh... .. ... ask Brother Arfrus.

Accordng to Arfrus (or what I think is Arfrus - those stupid hoods make it hard to see who you're talkin' to), the monks of the Order of Mnerr have absolutely nothing to do with the darkships. Which, honestly, I'm willing to believe (though, there are times I wonder that the amount of money they make far exceeds the amount of money they actually require). On the other hand, there's been talk that Arfrus was a sufrir on the literally blasted boats before changing his life around. Naturally, being the most vocal (thus, "known") of all the Brothers of Mnerr, there's always that destructive lay public desire to become incensed with connections that may not necessarily be proved false.

Regardless of how ... .. passive the monks of Mneer are, you'd think them a crazy bunch once you got to know them; that is, got to know the literature that's been distributed about them. Could - Be - Arfrus won't confirm or deny the more religious and cultural of the following, but most are accepted as truth, especially those at the whim of the beholder:

  • They call their home a "hermit's cell".
  • Mnerr monks adhere to 312 rules of discipline.
  • Their faces are shrouded in ornately decorated hoods.
  • The oldest tree in the grove is named the White Lady.
  • They wear funny hats that look like giant dinner plates.
  • They've been known to throw the hats when angry. They hurt.
  • Don't reproduce. Ahahaha, ho... right, ahem.
  • May not eat for pleasure (this also applies to Ghyllian reproduction).

Citations: Threel, Whim of the beholder, White Lady.

--Morbus Iff 15:42, 2 Sep 2005 (EDT)

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