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The Order Of Truth is a society which has existed for centuries. However, its operations have always been veiled in deep secrecy, its workings known only to its inner members. The Order has kept this secrecy mostly through segregation of its members: only the Supreme Ruler ever publicizes his or her membership in the order, leaving most organization to occur in geographically and numerically limited "cells". These Supreme rulers maintain the position from the time they are elected, via a secret process, until their death.

Due to the heavy secrecy surrounding the Order, most information is collected from the stories of lore, both from Ancient and Recent history. One story line which has been maintained over the years is that the Order is the host of a powerful tool, known only as the Pagvahhz Transgenan device. However, very little is known about the device: most texts say that it is "a mysterious and powerful device whose mystery is exceeded only by its power". This device is thought to be the only remaining artifact of the race that inhabited the lands of Alezan.

From the public actions of the Order, it is clear that there is a relatively large number of members. The wishes of the Supreme Ruler are seldom passed onto the general public, but when they are, such wishes are usually met. An edict from the Supreme Ruler has never been ignored by the populace of Ghyll: lawmakers and breakers both fear retribution were they to act contrary to the Order. In one case, a public figure did publicly decry an edict of the Supreme Master, building quite a revolution around him. However, shortly after the largest anti-Order demonstration in history, the Night of Cloaks and Daggers fell. The public figure, a local librarian at the Charterhouse Collection was so completely destroyed that he, along with his entire movement, were erased from history.

The Night of Cloak and Daggers is the only event in recent history which has been attributed to the Order, destroying those who opposed them with no trace as to the reason or source behind it. For a time, the Events of Solitude were thought to be a destruction of a contra-Order uprising. However, 2 years ago, it was proven that the Events of Solitude were actually just a media concotion, to bring more tourist activity to the Day of Champions.

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