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Pinky is the largest moon of Ghyll, proven in -195 EC to be marginally larger than the other moon, Perky, by Phylostarus in his ushering in of the modern era. Phylostarus had invented the reflectoscopic mechanism necessary for projecting accurate depictions of the starry welkin onto sublunary surfaces.

Both Pinky and Perky rotate once every month exactly, and are the obvious reason behind the period of a month being chosen as the basis of most calendars (including EC).

Unlike Perky, which is extraordinary in its features but apparently uninhabited, Pinky has a relatively consistent surface showing lights that shine out with the regular periodicity of lighthouses--amongst other sparkularities and anomilumina--that strongly suggest the probability of habitation.

Numerous attempts to signal to Pinky's People have been made, with many reported successes but none officially ratified by any of our large scientific institutions. It is commonplace for almost every scientist in Ghyll to attempt to reach some new breakthrough in the area, only to be discredited later on. Such activity is never considered dishonourable, more of a light whimsical diversion from the serious work of a scientist.

Both moons, at particular points in their rotations, resemble the heads of giant pigs (if slightly puppetesque ones). It is unknown whether this is pure coincidence, the consequence of our natural proclivities for pattern recognition, or the result of that same larger metaplan which has been noticed in many of the other strange coincidences of Ghyll, and of which we may never be fully aware [Nothing to do with me, I can tell you that! --Burgengute].

Pinky is also the name of a popular multiple role user playing dungeon game. One of the catphrases from the game, "you are fighting a fanged toothpaste dispensing machine", has become the talk of children everywhere in recent years, and the provoker of many a high-seven.

Pinky Gazers often congregate socially on Umbo Moor to observe the moon and generally just get on down and party. Umbo Moor is famous not only for its proximity to the dangerous Wentzel Fen, but also for being the first moor to be surveyed by Phylostarus in his great Stone of Wisdom survey, where he found that over two thirds of the moors of Ghyll has a Stone of Wisdom. Umbo Moor is a very popular spot with the Pinky Gazers, an area of outstanding natural beauty that enhances the wonder of the mooning.

I wonder if Phylostarus was a descendant of Arariax?

Citations: Arariax, Stone of Wisdom, Umbo Moor.

--Sean B. Palmer 09:03, 22 Jan 2005 (EST)

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