Qestarine miasma

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The entire riparian region along the Qestarius River is suffering from bad attitude, foul smells, and unpleasantness. Dank fog regularly coats the riverbanks, leaving behind a slimy residue that does not easily wash off. Animals in the region are generally mangy, surly, unpleasant beasts, compared to their fortunate cousins who live in other climes.

This cloud of noxiousness is the Qestarine miasma. Originally noted in -473 EC, when the river began to exhibit its negative connotations, it grew to a noticable level in only a few decades. This led to the drastic measure undertaken by Lord Glosfordshier to plug the river with a filtering dam of classified construction and prevent it from emptying its negativeness into Marty. While this prevents the pollution of Marty, it seems to serve to increase the intensity of the Qestarine miasma.

The headwaters of the Qestarius River do not flow solely from the Jorvyll Mountains, as has been erroneously reported by some. Springs on both sides of the Shrigure Gradient feed the Qestarius. Although the attitude of the Sarfelogian Mountains would seem not to be responsible for the Qestarine miasma, the possibility must be considered that, in some ways, the negative attitude of the Sarfelogian Mountains is drained away from it, decanting into the Qestarius River by some unexplained mechanism, which serves to increase the attitude of the Sarfelogians while negatively affecting the Qestarius. Other regions within the river's watershed may also be responsible for the negativeness found along the Qestarius.

While further research is needed if the Qestarine miasma is going to be overcome, a number of promising leads exist and are only waiting for the actions of the appropriate officials and researchers.

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--Brother Arfrus 17:41, 15 Sep 2005 (EDT)

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