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Quester and Phorrus, which as the scholar Sean B. Palmer has said, is a classic journal, meaning a journal of the classics, I suppose, was founded by Frank "Quester" Phorrus and Elmo "Phorrus" Quester in -60 EC. That much is a fact, an indubitable fact. Just what the classics might be, however, is another matter altogether.

We can tell by reading the Index, available at better libraries everywhere, that by "the classics" is not meant the four classical subjects supposedly studied by the Brotherhood. This Index is issued biannually, meaning by that, of course, every two years, and not twice a year, which is correctly designated by the term "semiannually", not biannually, despite the fact that so many people just can't get this right for some reason. (Some prefer "biennially", which is fine with me.) The magazine itself, as opposed to its Index, comes out five times a year, as everybody knows.

It's quite a coup to get an article published in Quester and Phorrus, although sometimes the coup is counted on the author rather than for him. So it goes. The subject matter of the articles varies from doveination to the Conflict That Is Not Happening to the Dŵplat recension of Bordingbras his hatt! I do not mean to suggest that lighter matters such as Bindlet Ball and Ghyllian reproduction are not covered as well; the important issue determining what goes into an issue, as you might say, is not the subject matter but rather the pompitous economic (or scholarly) tone.

Personally, the only part of Q & P I could stand to read was Doc Rockett's column, which started on the last page of each issue and worked its way forward, although it was not written right to left nor top to bottom, I hasten to assure you. And now that his sad demise has eventuated, I continue to subscribe for old times' sake, but basically it's straight from the mail slot to the compost heap, with perhaps a bit of teething exercise in between. On the other hand, if as they say Bysted is finally going to get a squib published soon, I'll be sure to be on the lookout for that particular issue to give it, as you might say, "special treatment".

Citations: Andelphracian Lights, Umlaut Tea, Vemish.

--John Cowan 21:01, 30 Jan 2005 (EST)

A list of the scholars who have had their work published in Quester and Phorrus:

Scholar - Reference/Subject - Publication Date

  • Blivingdel - see Wadjidir
  • Doc Rockett - see Quester and Phorrus, from -51 EC
  • Buddy-Mortimer Antwal - see Vornalt, around -54 EC
  • Bysted Timperton - Andelphracian Lights - recently
  • Quester and Phorrus ran an article on the practice from The Bureau entitled "A Retrospective on Doveination."
  • For further information, students of the Conflict should consider consulting the Odlucian Library, including particularly the archives of the Unquisition, and also back issues of Quester and Phorrus.
  • ? - Dŵplat - recent
  • ? - Vemish Quester and Phorrus published two competing articles, one entitled "The Fallacy of Fate: Why Vemish Chooses What He Does" and the other "Innocence and the Cruelty of Determination"
  • ? - This mysterious substance has been christened the Bump of the Night, and a recent article in Quester and Phorrus proposed the construction of a giant Space Besq Boat to attempt to explore this possibility further.
  • ? - The Modern Ghyllian (as opposed to Modern Standard Ghyllian) term vorpcara first appeared in Quester and Phorrus, which reported of the discovery within the Spires of Alezan.
  • ? - To date, more than 38 articles have been published in Quester and Phorrus concerning the manuscripts.
  • - Bureau of Forgotten Knowledge's Committee for Epistemological Hygiene re Jarvik Jarvik refer you to our letter to the editor to be published in an upcoming issue of Quester and Phorrus regarding our research - forthcoming
  • ? - Loremasters the vanishing of this ancient craft has lately been subject of a heated polemic in Quester and Phorrus
  • Pricludious - during the Loud Year - -18 EC
  • Pricludious - a series of monograms based on the fascinating lorecache he had unearthed from a score of nearly deserted derelict villages and their antiquated loremasters

(I'm sure there are more, but since I have only begun my researches, and am focused on this particular scholar, I have only added his name to begin the list. But it is a start. I hope this is not impertinent of me to add this marginalia to John Cowan's useful work here.) --Brother Arfrus 12:28, 26 May 2005 (EDT)

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