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Dibbed. --Jcowan 00:00, 29 Jan 2005 (EST)

The usual trash:

According to the Council for Quezlarian Research, Quezlar 6 himself may be the first person in recorded history other than Andelphracia to have used the lights, in his triumphant crossing of the Elminster Mire. This suggests some link between the two noted historical figures, and in a stunning break with their traditional high levels of secrecy, the Council for Quezlarian Research vice chairman Bysted Timperton is rumoured to soon be issuing an official statement of their results in, fittingly, the classic journal Quester and Phorrus.

The use of dove calling patterns to determine the future and lost memories of the past is one of the most recent arts studied on which an official monograph has been published. Quester and Phorrus ran an article on the practice from The Bureau entitled "A Retrospective on Doveination." Though it was well received, its controversial findings almost caused a coup in the academic community.

In -51 EC, however, Quester and Phorrus invited Doc Rockett, for reasons that remain obscure, to create a monthly back-of-the-journal essay column, ostensibly dedicated to popularized scholarship, but with Rockett having complete editorial freedom within the bounds of good taste and libel. The first of these columns appeared in the -51/10 issue, and they followed monthly thereafter until Rockett's terminal illness. These columns made Rockett's reputation as a "Great Explainer" of modern scholarship, and were collected into books as well, greatly increasing their readership.

For further information, students of the Conflict That Is Not Happening should consider consulting the Odlucian Library, the archives of the Unquisition, and back issues of Quester and Phorrus.

On one of the walls of the Dŵplat meeting house is graffitied a verse from Bordingbras his hatt!, which, according to a recent article in Quester and Phorrus, is in an early form of Modern Standard Ghyllian except for a single line in the same hand and ductus as the rest of the poem, yet which appears in no other recorded version of the poem. Since this version of the poem does not predate the original, the extra line's purpose is a befuddlement.

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