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Rancticirchiretic (b. -76 EC–), pronounced ran'-nik, is a technomancer, researcher, cartographer, musician, mathematician, and stud. His parents are Patrick Retic, a farm labourer from Odlucia, and Patricia Rancticirchi, a littleschool headmistress from the same. Though born of these small-time beginnings, his parents taught him well and he proved to be a natural learner; a child prodigy in fact. At the age of five he had mastered the stringophone, and at the age of seven he had completed a thesis on the larval stage of the Burnfly which is still respected as the classic in the field.

His meteoric rise continued and was crowned with the honour of becoming in -56 EC the youngest president of the Bureau of Forgotten Knowledge to date, at the age of just twenty. He is the most outspoken president of the Bureau, and the least bounded by its constraints. It is he, for example, who gave Doc Rockett access to the Bureau's Cake building in -51 EC.

After retiring from the Bureau, he subsequently moved to Folktown to work with the great academians there. Though he has produced advanced research publications in many varied topics, Rancticirchiretic is most well known for his work on the Nitenmangrey and orthogonalities.

Citations: Bureau of Forgotten Knowledge, Folktown, Technomancer Crafts Guild.

--Sean B. Palmer 15:15, 11 Feb 2005 (EST)

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