Religious Right

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Dib dibbery doo! --John Cowan 16:08, 19 Sep 2005 (EDT)

Naps. Sleep. A'sleep. Unawake. Slumber. You do it all the damn time without even thinking about it (unless, of course, you've been deliberately trying not to sleep, in which case, you're expending effort continuously; inevitably, you will lose or become immortal. And becoming immortal draws ire from the Religious Right which, well, let's just say you won't be immortal much longer).

Lake Crimin, on the outskirts of said Empire, is a ten lele wide beast which orders its stripeless hordes to commit atrocities unimagined. The constant fog that hangs over the lake makes visibility difficult, and this is its greatest gift: the blindless of not seeing the horrors of its deepest waters and its blackest skies. This has also flummoxed exploration, and you'll find some maps with islands, some maps without, and some maps with a big burn mark where the Religious Right scorched the demonia away.

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