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It has never been made clear whether the Religious Right is a fearsome weapon of certain dark powers or a phenomenon fundamentally meteorological, and as such utterly beyond the control of any Ghyllian. What is known is that its destructive powers are formidable, but limited in space and apparently so in time as well. Most of the authenticated accounts of destruction have been of individuals, and only after long periods of scandal or at least publicity. As far as is known, no ordinarily obscure person has ever been destroyed by the Religious Right at all. That the islands which formerly existed in Lake Crimin were utterly abolished by the weapon or phenomenon cannot be doubted, except by those who also doubt that there ever were any islands in the first place, but no better documented place has ever been denied.

There are three main weapon-based theories of the Religious Right: that it is yet another of the fearsome devices controlled by Royal Dulalia, that it is in the hands of the ultra-secret Inner Faction of the Cranee Historical Society, and that it is wholly owned (or "pwnz0red", as they call it in the Great Awakening) by Anthony C. Sutton. The safest thing to do, it seems to me, in these times of strife and darkness, is to achieve the best of all possible worlds by believing all three theories, in the spirit of the scholar Gassalasca Jape, without, of course, neglecting the possibility that despite all rumor-mongering, Mish pranksterism, and funicular projection, that it turns out to be just another of the many catastrophes to which our world is all too subject.

Citations: Lake Crimin, Mish prank, Royal Dulalia.

--John Cowan 20:54, 23 Sep 2005 (EDT)

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