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Retrackets, also "eye (or 'I') in the back of your head": rare form of Ickle infection where a baby Ickle remains in the throat and burrows upward, into the brainpan (thus, rendering moot Umlaut Tea treatment). After finding the soft spot of the skull (leftover from birthing), it etches a hole through which it peers out for the rest of its life (usually three to five years, also the duration of a retracket infection). As the Ickle grows, it attaches itself further into the brain, effecting some control over its host, causing confusion, odd behavior (backwards walking, constant back patting, dyslexia, etc.), and personality change. By the time the Ickle reaches the end of its lifespan, the integration of Ickle and brain is so pronounced that, as the Ickle dies, so too does the host. Notable infections include the (living) Blivingdel and (long dead) D. R. Orerorer.

Citations: Blivingdel, Soft spot, Umlaut Tea.

--Morbus Iff 11:35, 23 Sep 2005 (EDT)

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