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Shepenor is a village of about 300 people on the coast of Marty between Iganefta-on-the-Sea and Quiends. Its name is pronounced "shuh-PEEN-oar", quite unlike the pronunciation of the nearby, but essentially inaccessible, island of Kebro-shepenor. Its history dates back to at least -446 EC, when a dialogue between the elders of Shepenor and Thungerbarg is recorded in the difficult glyphs of that era. In our days, Shepenor has been of no political importance whatsoever.

The chief industries of Shepenor are, as they always have been, fish and Kev kitsch. Fish is by far the most important article of commerce: the total take in -2 EC (the most recent year for which statistics are available) is 2000 lugyup. Historical figures show a high of 4200 lugyup in -75 EC and a low of 625 lugyup in -42 EC, when a great wave came up from the sea and destroyed most of the boats and houses in Shepenor: fortunately for all, few lives were lost. Readers should however remember the well-known saying (often, but wrongly, attributed to Doc Rockett) about statistics.

Few famous people have hailed from Shepenor. NeoAlezanians founder Michael "Jack" Mooney is said to be of Shepenorian origin in the fourth degree, though a rigorous investigation of the Unquisition archives have revealed no proof of this claim. The present rejah of Shepenor, Ralph Alpher, is well-known in the region for his apparently infinite capacity for Adlorst.

Citations: Kebro-shepenor, Hack And The Jacks, Unquisition.

--John Cowan 14:07, 16 Feb 2005 (EST)

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