Songs of Odgar The Fourth

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# Diamonds are Sparkly (You Are Not)
# Diamonds are Sparkly (You Are Not)
# All Those Times
# All Those Times
# Songs Of The Tounge
# Songs Of The Tongue
# My Love Wanted a New Sofa (But I Wrote This Song Instead)
# My Love Wanted a New Sofa (But I Wrote This Song Instead)
# Trump Cards
# Trump Cards

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Odgar IV's only published volume of music, the Songs of Odgar The Fourth, were famously not published by the author himself. Rather an interloper in court had managed to hear Odgar's semi-private performances over a number of years and secretly record them, eventually marketing a book which not only stole Odgar's tunes but misrepresented his name.

There are a hundred and twenty eight tunes in the book, all of which are listed here:

  1. She Goes A-Roundin'
  2. Trouble and Strife
  3. The Saught Tinker Song
  4. Oblivious
  5. Toll and Tide
  6. Crimson (She Lies Like a Fortune)
  7. Priviliges
  8. Skylore!
  9. Wacksing and Waining
  10. Under The Light of Pinky
  11. Drive That Cart on Down
  12. Rimes and Rollers
  13. Underthought
  14. Oh I Wish I Were A Carpentine
  15. Magnimanity on the Rocks
  16. Cuckoo Lumber
  17. The Hot Cold Affair
  18. A-Mirthin' We Shall Go
  19. Pussywillow
  20. My Canticle
  21. Sparse in Notes, Odd in Key
  22. The Butterflies
  23. Orchid Bloom Skiffle
  24. Plumbline
  25. Tallowbird
  26. Laughing Bridges
  27. Seven Brides for Eleven Brothers
  28. Long Road March
  29. Lodestone Blues
  30. Grand Cockford Nights
  31. Embraces Between Covers
  32. In The Clover
  33. Spigot!
  34. Pampered Little T.
  35. All Sing "Woah!"
  36. Curtains For Curtains
  37. High-Falutin'
  38. Management and Mismanagement
  39. Tides for Lovers
  40. Out In The Forest
  41. Wifflepicker
  42. Puck my Wudge for Floofing
  43. Affable Young Gentlemen
  44. A Song For Daisy
  45. A Song For Brandi
  46. A Song For Daisy Again (Sorry Daisy)
  47. What the Willows Say
  48. I Used to be a Teenage Rebel, But Now I'm Just a Rebel
  49. Caught in The Slip of a Lock
  50. Quiverin'
  51. Shake Me, Roll Me, Love and Cajole Me
  52. Big Papa Paperball
  53. Not What It Oughtta Do
  54. Luminescence on your Cheek
  55. What to do When a Glowworm Comes in Your Coffee
  56. My Love Affair
  57. Oh How I Pity The Song Title Makers
  58. Gettin' Bored
  59. Look Behind You!
  60. It's Time We Said "Smuffle"
  61. Too Easy
  62. Think Again, Mrs. Silverstein
  63. O! You Make Me Groovy
  64. Being Songy
  65. Puddles Are Deeper Than They First Appear
  66. Diamonds are Sparkly (You Are Not)
  67. All Those Times
  68. Songs Of The Tongue
  69. My Love Wanted a New Sofa (But I Wrote This Song Instead)
  70. Trump Cards
  71. Love In The Fast Lane
  72. Streams For Dreams
  73. Butter Dogs Don't Say No!
  74. Toast and Butter
  75. Song Three In The Butter Series
  76. Don't Bother Listening To This Song, It Sucks
  77. You, My Friend, Loaf Too Much
  78. That Ain't My Child!
  79. Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala Dooby Doo
  80. A Skiffle For Those With The Sniffles
  81. Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Rum
  82. For The Lover In Us All
  83. Sparkularities
  84. Yes, No, Maybe?
  85. You'd Better Say Somewhat
  86. If I Held You A Body Would You Press... Nevermind
  87. Where's Morphous?
  88. Locks And Licks
  89. The Question: The Answer
  90. Grammie's Tooth
  91. Trousers To You, Mate
  92. Lumberwood Song
  93. A Tune For Camerapeople
  94. My Big Back Of Muck
  95. Hmm!
  96. When Perky Smiled
  97. The Old Oak Tree
  98. Golden Cockrel
  99. Bathtime Duck, You Are My Friend
  100. o/~
  101. If You Really Loved Me, You'd Not Throw Up In My Cereal
  102. Stop Barfing Already!
  103. Technicolour Yawn Blues (And Browns, And Greens, And...)
  104. I Bought My Lover A Gag
  105. It's Hard To Kiss You When You're Wearing A Gag
  106. Longboat
  107. Talk About Sensible!
  108. Seriously, Talk About It
  109. Melody for Mirthfulnesses
  110. Being Songy (Reprise)
  111. That Old Ragtime Dance Thing
  112. Windows Between, Windows Apart
  113. Keys For Doors
  114. Hills (or: Laughingfly)
  115. I've Got A Bird
  116. Parrotina
  117. "Tweet Tweet" Go Other Birds, Mine Says "Splak!"
  118. The Great Millet And Seed Shortage
  119. Whistleborough
  120. Bluenesses
  121. Clear Up That Mess And Mean It
  122. I Wanna Hear Your Nostril Flare Groove Monkey Lover
  123. Press Here To Groove
  124. Tea For Free
  125. Birdsongs and Lullabys
  126. Get Your Dog Off Of My Lawn
  127. How I Love The City Girls
  128. That Minstrel In The Corner Is Weirding Me Out

The book is still in print, and is currently being published by the same Grommie family newsgroup that prints the Iganefta Recorder, whose publishing facility mysteriously and surprisingly moved to Folktown last week.

Citations: Odgar IV, Folktown, Iganefta Recorder.

--Sean B. Palmer 15:05, 25 Feb 2005 (EST)

That Minstrel in the Corner is Weirding me Out also appears in Iganefta Pilgrimage Songs and is attributed to York of Brahang. Whether this is because York overheard someone singing it and thought to profit by it or whether it is Odgar IV who did the same by purloining a popular folktune of the day is hard to say. --Dr. H. L. Ackroyd 15:41, 25 Feb 2005 (EST)

I'd always been told that it was Odgar's way of intimating to the interloper that he'd been spotted, and that's why it's the last song. Shows what I know. --Sean B. Palmer 19:51, 25 Feb 2005 (EST)

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