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From Swhack: <Morbus> the two biggest annoyances: magnetism and the spires, are from long ago, and not representative of the current CE 0. I'm not sure how to explain the magnetism in the context of the game, but I think that the spires are rather easy to explain. For a start, the "most apparent structures of the lands of Alezan are viewable from the west portion of the Evesque Valley". That means they're not absolutely monumental, otherwise you'd be able to see them from any part of the valley (unless it curves), since in a straight valley you can see any point from anywhere else. In any case, "two single spikes rise out of the forest to dominate over the land to the west of the Valley" doesn't have to mean much: they could be merely twice as tall as the trees (which might even be shorter in Alezan than they are in the Evesque Valley), and the temples themselves aren't said to dominate over the land so we can take it that they're not even as tall as the trees. Overall, we should remember that the Egyptians and the Aztecs etc. created some absolutely enormous and imposing structures even though to us they're extremely ancient civilisations. When you've got a lot of labourers and spare time, you can build some impressive monuments without having bulldozers and university educated architects. I suggest that we take the ancient civilisation of Alezan to be just that: ancient, not technologically advanced, not particularly widespread, but cool enough to put a couple of one hundred foot towers in a forest and build a couple of temples. --Sean B. Palmer 13:02, 2 Sep 2004 (EDT)

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