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This article links [[Folktown]] as a phantom, but it is talking about the Folktown Amphitheatre.  Would it not be better to unlink Folktown and leave the Folktown Amiptheatre as a stealth phantom?  Just like the Golden Gate Bridge exists in San Francisco and has its own entry, so too should this important landmark. --[[User:Lisa B. Underhalh|Lisa B. Underhalh]] 14:30, 22 Apr 2005 (EDT)
: Maybe (I'll assume that "stealth phantom" is "something that could be a phantom, but isn't at the moment"). There were probably two goals with this linking: first, its appearance on "What links here" - when someone writes the Folktown entry, they'll want to mention (or, at least, internally recognize) that the aristocracy is there. Secondly, as a hedge bet that a phantom of "Folktown Amphitheatre" may never actually exist (and thus, should refer to its nearest container, being Folktown; we do this with the equally chaotic Ignafta-on-the-Sea and Thungerbarg, which are all related to [[Iganefta]]). There is an unspoken expectation that if you phantom a term that has previously existed (say, you phantom "Folktown Amphitheatre" in your next entry) then it becomes your task to go around and link all mentions of it in any other entry (and, as things go, if  people don't or forget to, it falls on me to do it). Thus, you'd come back here (probably as the result of a search for the term "Folktown Amphitheatre") and fix/specify the link more clearly. (And, in fact, this retroactive process is what caused this link in the first place, back in October when John Cowan created the Folktown phantom.) --[[User:MorbusIff|Morbus Iff]] 14:44, 22 Apr 2005 (EDT)
::Thanks for explanation, and yes, you interpreted "stealth phantom" correctly.  I appreciate you helping me learn the game and how it is played.  --[[User:Lisa B. Underhalh|Lisa B. Underhalh]] 15:11, 22 Apr 2005 (EDT)

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