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==Out-Of-Game Discussion==
I'm slightly concerned about the slash in the "heh/blammo" phantom. In MediaWiki (the software that runs this puppy), the slash creates a subpage called "blammo" underneath the primary page "heh". When the user views "heh/blammo", he'll actually see a link back to "heh" - for example, see [[User:Sbp/notepad]]. This parent/child isn't really what this phantom is aiming to accomplish. I'm not sure what to do about this (entity encoding seems evil, and will make all links to it incredibly annoying to construct). --[[User:MorbusIff|Morbus Iff]] 01:03, 11 Sep 2004 (EDT)
== Above comment presumably superseded ==
Yep - revision looks fine. --[[User:MorbusIff|Morbus Iff]] 12:17, 11 Sep 2004 (EDT)
== Jokes explained ==
== Jokes explained ==

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Jokes explained

  • The Dulalian Empire alludes to the word "doolally", a borrowing from Hindi into British English meaning "crazy".
  • The names of the four classical subjects have a, hmm, significant acronym.
  • "Hong, hong" is a noise I frequently make when I wish to give expression to my emotions but don't have anything specific to say. I deformed it into two identically pronounced but differently spelled antonyms.
  • The heh-blammo balance refers to my (only partly tongue-in-cheek) campaign on #swhack against the use of "heh"; when I hear someone say it, I immediately retaliate with the (non-lethal) blammo-gun. Cf. the bonk-oif balance.
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