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Out-Of-Game Discussion

Just to make out of game "real-world" dates and in game "EC" dates reconcilabile, I've matched "tuesday" to the real world "tuesday" and "Ikk"=="September." The years will eventually drift, with the Ghyllian year being shorter than the earth one, but now we have a colloquial way to refer to specific days of the week and make reference to days and dates of researcher activity. Enjoy! --Qwentyth Pyre 00:32, 12 Sep 2004 (EDT)

Bursine the 14th made a gift of the calendar to his Paramount Queen, Litivia, on their joining day.

I can just imagine the conversation...

Bursine: Here you go dear, I made you a calendar!
Litivia: A calendar? I really wanted a new fridge freezer, but okay... who's it of?
Bursine: No dear, you don't understand--I mean a calendar system.
Litivia: [stare]

I note that your entry doesn't say for how long they were joined [grin]. Hmm... so 0/1/1 EC was an Ulfsday? Okay... it should be possible to work out all the other days from that. Good careful point about the "aesthetic liberties", incidentally. --Sean B. Palmer 01:12, 12 Sep 2004 (EDT)

Actually: another important point is that since we take a Ghyll year to do each round, we measure the time in Ghyll according to that. In other words, today in Ghyll is actually somewhere between the evening of 0/1/12 EC (i.e. 1/26 of the way through the Ghyll year) and the early evening of 0/1/25 EC (i.e. 2/26 of the way through the Ghyll year). Morbus and I had a bit of discussion on the issue which you might like to read; it's not particularly straightforward, but hopefully we'll be able to keep on top of it and just publish the date, and the rest of you won't have to worry about it. --Sean B. Palmer 01:24, 12 Sep 2004 (EDT)

Thanks for the copy editing and nitpicking folks. Appreciated. And yes, the Bursine/Litiva conversation probably did go something like that.  ;-) I'm sure somebody else will fill in those details later.  ;-) --Qwentyth Pyre 16:00, 12 Sep 2004 (EDT)

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