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My research shows Bobby wemt into seclusion a few years ago after an ill-fated expedition to the ruins of Alezan, he hasn't been seen by anyone other than Easy Lizzard since- although he does maintain an active correspondence. It is possible this exchange was not made face to face, but through some other medium. It is also possible Bysted was actually speaking to a body double hired for the purpose of the interview, but I never found any proof such doubles are employed by Mr Shwarmph. --Bast ResNovae 08:31, 13 Sep 2004

Please sign your entries. Who said the above? (Presumably, Bast ResNovae, and thus, I'm adding that signature). Eiither way, yep, they have a point. Your entry will need to be revised somehow. --Morbus Iff 08:34, 13 Sep 2004 (EDT)

Sorry- when I try to sign entries, all I get is a squiggle- how do I change this? I have to copy and paste in other people's stamps, then make changes manually right now.--Bast ResNovae 08:38, 13 Sep 2004 (EDT)

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