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So, somebody please check my math here, but I believe that makes the first edition of the folktown records published on Varhookan the 22nd of Kendrit, -13. If the Encyclopedants would please check my math, we can confirm that the weekly paper (if it comes out on the same day every week) comes out every Varhookan.

For reference, my calculations were as follows. 0/1/1 (the start of the encyclopedia) was Ulfsday in Ikk. The first paper was -13/3/22. So, we need to go back 13 full years, then forward 2 months and 21 days. (Note, that's 2 and 21, *not* 3 and 22. Have to be careful with negative date years and off by one counting errors) So, 13 years x 336 days/year = 4374 days backwards. 2 months x 28 days per month = 56 days forward, plus an extra 21 days = 77 days forward. 77 is an obvious multiple of 7 ( a full week ) so can be ignored. We want a partial week offset to determine day of the week relative to Ulfsday. 7 divided into 4374 yields 624 with a remainder of 6. This is actually -6 since we were dividing into negative days, and 6 days before Ulfsday is the same as one day after, which yields Varhookan.

The month is much easier. Complete years can be ignored so -13/3/22 is 2 month-names ahead of 0/1/1. If we are currently in Ikk, that makes the first paper published on Varhookan the 22nd of Kendrit, -13.

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