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Believe it or not, part of this entry is actually based on fact: male bed bugs DO have a sword like penis, and they DO puncture holes in the body of the female bed bug during mating. This little tidbit was one of the many joys of researching insect sex (namely, the name of an insect penis) for Hive-Lord. There are a few other things to mention:

  • Ictus (t, not k) is the latin word for "Thrust", Concipio is "Receive".
  • When speaking about the species, they should be referred to as Ickles.
  • When referring to the actions of one member, like procreation, an Ickus.
  • I have a fascination with spreading (ala Doggerel plague and here, coughing).
  • "Aggressive aedeaguses in our feed tubes" makes me chuckle.

The Alezan pantheon linkage was based on the following blurb of text: Somehow, they have found a way to continue existence, acting as a sort of divine parasite, becoming an instinctual object of dread for mortals, rather than the object of their worship. Almost all sentient beings in the world have some sort of inborn concept of them, and any reminder of their existence is likely to give the willies to anyone. Any more than that is likely to drive them insane.

--Morbus Iff 15:12, 12 Nov 2004 (EST)

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