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FYI, much of what I was describing here was, in fact, Chicago, with allowances for Ghyllian geography. Chicago is a "City of Neighborhoods" and, of course, quite the center for gangster activity. It also happens to be my old stomping grounds. --Doctor Phineas Crank 21:44, 5 Feb 2005 (EST)

by: --Nikos of Ant 00:25, 20 November 2005 (EST) For posterity and any needed "reboots", here follows the Original Iganefta Entry:


An Overview

The twin cities of Iganefta and Iganefta-on-the-Sea are the southernmost "civilized" settlements on Ghyll. Most famous as the Southern terminus of the Cataract Road, Iganefta is a brisk two lele walk from the Azura Mines and a mere 120 lele East of the infamous mountaineering challenge, Mount Yurch. In fact, Iganefta has hosted so many ill-fated expeditions to Mount Yurch that the locals often refer to it as The Grim Mr. Yurch.

Iganefta has been referred to as a "City of Settlements" by her native historians and scholars due to the inclusive nature of her growth. The original "Old City" district has existed since at least -400 EC, though records of the general area during that time are scant and somewhat vague. Iganefta, however, has grown steadily since her founding, swallowing smaller settlements, often without their consent. It has been suggested by certain hyper-conservative political wags that, at the current rate of encroachment, the roughly 30 lele of rough terrain that separate Iganefta and Iganefta-on-the-Sea will vanish in a few short years, swallowed by her sister city.

Originally, the twin cities were a loose confederation of settlements, Iganefta being the largest, but, in the year -260 EC, Lord Fredrick Paul Glosfordshier took control of the already established Iganefta Council of Lords and declared himself Lord-Mayor of Iganefta. At first, there was a bit of resistance to his new ideas for governance, but since Lord Glosfordshier had already started the First Iganeftan Mercenary Company, the political winds quickly blew elsewhere. After his successful succession to the Lord-Mayorship, he promptly ordered the construction of a "summer retreat" by the sea, which promptly became known as Iganefta-on-the-Sea.

It is somewhat unclear just when Iganefta-on-the-Sea became more than the simple resort town from which she started. What is abundantly clear, however, is that Iganefta-on-the-Sea is very expensive and highly exclusive. Certainly considered one of the most wealthy and exclusive settlements in Ghyll, Iganefta-on-the-Sea sports many richly appointed villas and retreats with spectacular views of the Dagger Seas, for which the district is named. Originally settled by retired sea captains, Iganefta-on-the-Sea has overcome her quaint history with the infusion of both old and new money, not to mention the influx of Adrizians. Indeed, it is rumored that the local branch of the Harrabloon Bank is the wealthiest banking establishment in all of Ghyll.

Ghyllian Politics and Recent Events

The Iganeftan Furious Apple has been seen on many a battlefield during the Conflict That Is Not Happening. In fact, it was so common a sight on the proud chests of mercenary troops during the Extraordinarily Bloodless Revolution that the Iganeftan soldiers became known as Pickers, short for "apple-pickers". The pride which this appellation created in the troops loyal to Lord Glosfordshier became so ingrained in Iganeftan consciousness that the name survives today, carried proudly by the local Iganeftan Bindlet Ball team. Even the accusation that the entire Conflict is merely a trade war instituted by the Grommies to keep the prices of Altoxian Bulb stock high has not diminished the renown of Iganeftan mercenary troops.

In -11 EC, the Doggerel plague swept through the twin cities bringing one of the darkest moments in living memory to Iganeftan history. When the first infected wandered in from the Cactus forests, Iganefta was completely unprepared. Initially, the City Guard used the decidedly non-lethal Snotgun in an attempt to subdue the rampaging horde of the infected, but when this proved ineffective, the Guard herded them all to the Bindlet Ball field for a game. The Pickers haven't been quite the same since. However, it was not a total loss, since the infected drank a suitable volume of Adlorst wine while watching the game not only boosting the local economy, but miraculously curing themselves of their affliction.

Economic Significance

As the Southernmost end-point of the Cataract Road, Iganefta is afforded countless economic opportunities that lesser cities are denied. Iganefta's size, wealth and location make it an ideal stop for DermPachyges, which also enables this living, pulsing, growing metropolis to prosper beyond initial expectations. Iganefta is most famous as the birth-place of the Altoxian Bulb and, as such, has a thriving Altoxian Bulb industry. This is aided, of course, by the proximity of the Azura Mines, which provide the steadiest source of the bioluminescent gel which is the main ingredient in Altoxian Bulb creation.

Despite the Adrizians' attempts to sanitize the reputation of Iganefta-on-the-Sea, the port there remains a thriving center of commerce, both during the day and in the deep of night. In recent years, the Iganefta Council of Lords has made feeble attempts to stem the tide of illicit goods flowing through the back alleys of the city, though they have been less than successful. As of this writing, the "back markets" of Iganefta-on-the-Sea are the only place where one may purchase the wildly popular Boxing EctoMechanauts game that has swept Ghyll.

Iganefta is also a leader in military technology. In addition to maintaining mercenary companies of various sizes and specialities, their development of Ball Lightning Liqueur as a powerful weapon has brought quite a bit of renown to Iganeftan experimental laboratories. Currently, there are several projects in the works with the goal of refining Ball Lightning Liqueur into a self-contained incendiary. It is hoped that this will one day erase the stain on their reputation for having hosted the creator of the dreaded Gravion Process.

Famous Residents

Iganefta's most famous residents are the Grommies, as members of the Grommie family are known locally. The Grommie name first appears in Iganefta in -153 EC and the family currently owns Iganefta's only local news daily, the Iganefta Recorder. The most powerful Grommie residing in Iganefta today is Thureau Grommie, who received a family fortune amased by his father and grandfather, Rikkard and Daffid Grommie, respectively. The local Grommie concerns include a chain of casinos, a theme park, and several entertainment halls in both Iganefta and Iganefta-on-the-Sea. The family denies any connection to the more scurrilous history of smuggling associated with old money in Iganefta-on-the-Sea and Thureau has the connections in the Iganefta government to make that the official history.

Other well-known residents of the twin Iganefta cities include:

  • Agwa Reeum: the infamous translator of the Grimporke Grimoire.
  • Doc Rockett: S. J. "Doc" Rockett was a highly successful and exceptionally prolific writer, best known for his works of popularized scholarship for the lay Ghyllian. Rocket moved to Iganefta with his family when he was three, but was so enamoured with the twin cities that he never left again.
  • Godfroi Hasawithe: the "Sage of Nininger" was briefly a resident of the twin cities when he came to work for Baron James Horkmanifester where he learned and followed Horkmanifester's investment rules. Interestingly enough, his own fame eclipsed that of his mentor who is hardly ever mentioned outside of Hasawithe biographies.
  • Baron James Horkmanifester: Entrepreneur, founder of TransAvian.
  • Harv Gretborn: the infamous theoalchemist and inventor whose creations include the Snotgun, the Fountain Spray, the Blue Ice, and, of course, his infamous Gravion Process. Gretborn's famous "invention laboratory" was roughly halfway between the twin cities of Iganefta and Iganefta-on-the-Sea.
  • Lord Fredrick Paul Glosfordshier: original Lord-Mayor of Iganefta and High-Chairman of the Iganeftan Council of Lords.
  • Professor Altoxian: Inventor of the Altoxian Bulb.
  • Trung Tro Hampher: unsuccessful candidate for Lord-Mayor despite being endorsed by Doc Rockett.

Citations: Altoxian Bulb, Gravion Process, Snotgun.

--Doctor Phineas Crank 16:37, 9 Nov 2004 (EST)

Some clarifications about Iganefta-on-the-Sea (formerly Thungerbarg) may be found in the article on Lord Glosfordshier. --John Cowan 13:30, 10 Feb 2005 (EST)

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