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In my research I found out that:

  1. The "planted" vorpcara (the device used by Exingians at the Battle) found in the ruins of Alezan wasn't considered to be unusual for the locale. Therefore either vorpcaras are common everywhere on Ghyll or it was something that wasn't unusal for natives in the area. (Alezan)
  2. Barnum Stones was a meeting place of both tribes so it is logical to assume that it would be near to the locales of both tribes...perhaps a place between the two tribes (a neutral zone perhaps) (Battle of Barnum Stones)
  3. The Vale is distinct from Alezan. But near or in Loolier territory. (Bordingbras his hatt!)
  4. The Looliers were headed home. Therefore it is logical to assume that the Vale was in or near Loolier territory.

I extrapolated (and wrote it such) that the Vale was considered the "lands" of the Looliers despite being near Barnum Stones. Part of why I did that is that is makes the Exingians (or whoever it was that visited the "affliction" upon them) out to be even more petty for their act of slaughtering all of the Looliers in their own land. Therefore, I assert that Vale of Serdoch was considered Looliers land. All those who lived there were Looliers. --Dr. H. L. Ackroyd 18:51, 9 Dec 2004 (EST)

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