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I noticed a few content changes to the Pricludious entry. A few of them I found a bit puzzling, like changing the existing-phantom citation from M.Collegium to the Rump Family. But I assume there was a reason for that.

But there was one change which I believe was simply an overlooked mistake. In "The End" section, when the report of the constabulary is referenced, it was originally stated that Mrs.Bagouville came rushing into the police station shortly after 11 PM. This has now been changed to the number 23. I don't know what the unit of time measurement is on Ghyll, but unfortunately this number 23 seems to have been mistaken as the "age" of Mrs.Bagouville, as per her (mistakenly typed in as a he) entry in the Who'sWho. Mrs.Bagouville, in case anyone is interested, is not 23 but is actually an elderlyish woman not unlike the lady who takes care of Sherlock Holmes' apartment on Baker Street.

If there is no accepted convention regarding time in this game, then I would suggest changing the line of text from 11 PM (23) to "shortly before midnight", or "in the dead of night", or "betwixt the hours when Pinky and Perky are at their blackest", or something that gives the idea that it was really late when Pricludious was attacked.

--Dodaka II 14:51, 24 Sep 2005 (EDT)

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