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This entry is toeing the line: it's more about the Cirq l' Tytns than Qane. Doesn't leave much room for expansion -- all the information about Qane would be spread out in other entries, difficult to aggregate, and it wouldn't be useful to define Cirq l' Tytns as a phantom, since everything worthy about it is described herein. --Morbus Iff 15:08, 19 Sep 2005 (EDT)

Toeing the line... hmmm... :) Here follows info I originally put in the main entry but upon critique, have since moved so that any interested in using the Cirq have some additional info. I do realize that the info here is not "Fact" but simply fodder for our creativity. --Nikos of Ant 22:06, 19 Sep 2005 (EDT)

The Tytns

As to their individual styles: Bat-Boy is an acrobat par excellence, his ability to seemingly fly from one post to another using the ropes is spectacular; Lightning is a speedster seemingly able to run faster than sea-hawks can fly and his "now-you-see-me-now-you-don’t" trick delights each and every audience; Miss Wonder is a young lady who can bend metal in her hands, can leap higher than most athletes, and is a whizzer with a lasso; the Submerger can hold his breath under water, under fefferberry juice, under spitfodder, indeed under any liquid imaginable for great periods of time, and his spitting is a mischievous delight for all grubling-boys to see; the Crossbow is a firecracker of a shot with, what else, a crossbow – his aim is faultless and his targets are usually the empty spaces around his running, jumping, and swinging fellow performers. The garish costumes of red, yellow, and various hews of green flash across the stage as the quintet perform fetes of acrobatic daring, death-defying dizziness, and the simply oddstanding.

These performers tend to quietness but for Miss Wonder and the Crossbow. These two regale the crowds with words of bravado and quips of humor and wit. The Submerger, however, has never been heard to say a single word and rumor has it he has no tongue (though whether he was born so or whether it was forcibly removed is a matter of heated debate). As to their families, they have none – each being orphaned at an earlier time. How they came to be in the Cirq is not known, but they definitely make quite a team.

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