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Some of the stuff that inspired this article:

"In the beginning there was Sir Hugh Munro. He saw that there were lots of mountains in Scotland over 3000 feet high, he saw that they were good, and he set about compiling a list of them. No-one seems to know why he chose 3000 feet, but no-one questions his choice." - Mountains, Munros and Marilyns.

Sir Leicester looks astounded and inquires, "Is the man in custody?"
Mr. Bucket tells him, after a pause, "It was a woman."
Sir Leicester leans back in his chair, and breathlessly ejaculates, "Good heaven!"

- Charles Dickens, Bleak House

Star Ejected From Milky Way

15:27:02 <Morbus> its like the milky way is in a snowball fight with god
- Swhack, 2005-02-10

The lack of communication with Iganefta explains why the road from Stingy towards the city fades gradually until around five leles out it disappears altogether. Ahaahahahah. See WhereIsWhere if you don't get it. --Morbus Iff 12:10, 21 Feb 2005 (EST)

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