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From the classic lumic Karcist League Adventures, Volume III (issues #50-#54),
Titled: Split Identities, written by Ellen Moyer and Illustrated by Kelvin.

Page 1

First Panel:</dt>
An overhead view of Bute University Campus (as one might see if they were a hork flying past). A torn paper caption reads "The night was dark. A distant storm rose in the distance."</dd>
Second Panel:</dt>
The view moves closer to the Timperton Clocktower. The time reads a few minutes to midnight. The caption continues, "If it wasn't my last night, I might have appreciated the weather more. As it was, other things occupied my attention."</dd>
Third Panel:</dt>
The view is of the clock face, the three arms of the clock are clearly in motion. There is a smudgy silhouette showing in the luminescent face of the clock. </dd>
Fourth Panel:</dt>
A burnfly lands on the face of the clock.</dd>
Fifth Panel:</dt>
A hand smashes the burnfly.</dd>
Sixth Panel:</dt>
The hand withdraws showing burnfly guts oozing down the glass.</dd>
Seventh & Eighth Panels:</dt>
The view is of the observation platform in front of the clock face showing a man naked except for a vorpcara. The man is staring at his hand. There is a large luminous manuscript in his lap and there are ritual torches behind him.</dd>

Page 2

First – Fourth Panels:</dt>
The man wipes the bug off his hand but there is a shadow near with a hint of motion.</dd>
Fifth & Seventh Panels:</dt>
Detail of the book showing the last line from the previous page:"…occupied my attention. The thing I had to ensure was that the secret of the Tower would never escape its stony confines. I must ensure that the darkness that now grips my spirit will be isolated forever."</dd>
Sixth & Eighth Panels:</dt>
The same page darkened by a shadow.</dd>

Page 3

First Panel:</dt>
The man's face, his eyes looking to the side.</dd>
Second Panel:</dt>
A gloved fist in motion.</dd>
Third Panel:</dt>
The man sprawled on the observation deck.</dd>
Fourth Panel:</dt>
A dark figure says, "Are you sure you are that desperate for company?"</dd>
Fifth – Eighth Panels:</dt>
The view is from behind the man looking up at the hero Burnflyman.</dd>

Citations: Hork, Karcist League, Vorpcara.

--Dr. H. L. Ackroyd 23:21, 3 Mar 2005 (EST)

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