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Contrary to what the title of this publication implies, most tales contained on its pages are not true. Published by an anonymous group of gossips, True Tales of the World is the original gossip publication in Ghyll. It has been in publication for longer than anyone can remember, and honestly, anyone that would care about when the magazine started does not care enough to figure it out.

Every famous name in Ghyllian history has had at least one appearance in the magazine. Recent articles contain new theories about the death of Daniel Mboya (see "Folktown Records: News Organization, or Murder Organization?") and tales of Momfrex Resgrew (see "Mount Yurch is Really a Secret Alien Base and Momfrex Resgrew's Disappearance can Prove it"). Considered by most as pure trash, True Tales of the World can be useful if one needs a good laugh.

Citations: Daniel Mboya, Folktown Records, Momfrex Resgrew.

--Leonard J. Keatings 21:03, 11 Mar 2005 (EST)

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