Umbo Moor

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East of the Qestarius River, north of Odlucia and Marsh Gibbon, and west of Cranee lies the great Umbo Moor. Called the 'Great Moor' by the few locals, this vast marshy landscape is the site of the alleged disappearance of Edvard von Craghelm, the most famous Anaximancer of all time.

The Moor is famous not only for its proximity to the dangerous Wentzel Fen, but also for being the first of its kind to be studied by Phylostarus in his great Stone of Wisdom survey, where he found that over two thirds of moors have such a stone. Umbo Moor is a very popular spot with the Pinky Gazers, though, oddly enough, not with any of the Perky Gazers. The Moor is an area of outstanding natural beauty that enhances the wonder of any mooning.

Umbo Moor is most famous, however, as the place of a Battle from Tarkherk Corps history: the Battle of Umbo Moor. On the 2nd of Gomin -58 EC, Mox Elder, the Mildly Impressive Commandant of the troops stationed there encountered his famous "beautiful" White Lady. It was this incident that led to his court-martial in -56 EC, where Commandant Elder claimed that the Lady saved him and "reinvigorated his belief in the sanctity of life." Suffice it to say, no woman was ever found that matched his description. It is a popular belief that this "vision" was, in fact, a hallucination brought on by the early experiments with Ball Lightning Liqueur which, in part, earned the Corps their reputation. Indeed, many a young Tarkherk has gone off to Umbo Moor in search of their own visions induced by that most famous of explosive beverages only to wind up cold, wet and alone.

Citiations: Edvard von Craghelm, Perky, White Lady.

--Doctor Phineas Crank 01:18, 18 Mar 2005 (EST)

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