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Running in all directions in and from Toria of the Dulalian Empire, and eventually connecting to Folktown, urching tracks are home to the annual Regurgitation Revels festival that takes precedence during the late harvest season. The tracks feature numerous urches, or spitmounds, planted by the focused farmers that make their home traditionally near the Folktown area. By their nature alone, one assumes that these large mounds of rotting food waste and gastric acids, spread out over several leles, would be looked upon as unfavorable by higher-class Ghyllians. And one would be right.

The urching tracks have come under fire heavily from the Amphitheatre aristocracy, who view them as a blot on the black center of splak that is modern farming. Even as the aristocrats continue to lobby against their usage, they remain a popular tourist attraction, bringing in dozens of tourists each day to watch as they are readied for the festival.

Urching tracks are not the only place where one can find spitmounds, but the annual Regurgitation Revels festival is the only place in Ghyll Proper that one can find the Underover, the famed spitmound of the Trunions, which is only on display at the Revels. The largest urch on record, having been focused on for nearly a decade, the Underover is said to have been fermenting for so long that, if one were to pierce it, in an attempt to taste it, the mound would explode, covering all in a wide radius with intestinal secretions.

Citations: Dulalian Empire, Toria, Regurgitation Revels.

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