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Araes Domandred, Ghyll Scholar

An almost primarily road based scholar and investigator, Araes is also a registered judge in one of the areas he sometimes frequents, and the (hush, hush) silent partner of a bakery in another. Prefering to mainly study social phenomena and interpersonal relations, he published several minor works on the operating manner of midwives and the pathenon's of Ghyll before his involvement with the creation of the Ghyll Encyclopedia. If needing to be contacted, your best bets are to take a walk on a country road or stop by a bakery to have some bread. Not that those will help you find him, but at least you'll be sharing in his two favorite activities.

Araes Domandred, Ghyll Player

My actual name is Gabe and I'm not nearly as scholarly in real life. Well, maybe a little bit, as I'm working towards a PhD over in France right now, but I'm not exactly cataloging Awal shrinkage or Burnflies over here either.

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