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I am d8uv! So uncool! He has a crappy page, and a less crappy website! He is emphatic! And Broken Sentences! He lives! In Alaska! A friend to all Seans and Morbii everywhere! He plays as the poorly-named Melik Fizzuo! He also made the Ghyll Logo!

Melik Fizzuo was born and raised in the poor section of the poorest large city, Fadr. His upbringing got him a lot of degenerate streetrat friends, who know a lot of illicit material. Now in his one room converted shoe-makers store headquarters, he combines the collective knowledge of his network of hoodlums with the little licit material he knows. With shiny hair, tattered clothing, a pleasent foul odor, and actual soda-bottle glasses, he serves as Ghyll's poorest researcher.

Citations: Scholar page; none necessary.

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