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Melik Fizzuo, Ghyll Scholar

Melik Fizzuo was born and raised in the poor section of the poorest large city, Fadr. His upbringing got him a lot of degenerate streetrat friends, who know a lot of illicit material. Now in his one room converted shoe-makers store headquarters, he combines the collective knowledge of his network of hoodlums with the little licit material he knows. He has intense hatred for the Amphitheatre aristocracy and the Encyclopedants. He is quoted as saying, "Buncha rich elitist jerks. If they suddenly get half a clue, it would be a new record high." With shiny hair, tattered clothing, a pleasant foul odor, and actual soda-bottle glasses, he serves as Ghyll's poorest researcher.

d8uv, Ghyll Player

I am d8uv! So uncool! He has a crappy page, and a less crappy website! He is emphatic! And Broken Sentences! He lives! In Alaska! A friend to all Seans and Morbii everywhere! He plays as the poorly-named Melik Fizzuo! He also made the Ghyll Logo!

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