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Fausto Sorenson, Ghyll Scholar

Born in -35 EC and currently an itinerant correspondent for the Iganefta Recorder, Fausto Sorensen is less a formal scholar and more of a casual observer of everyday Ghyll life. He is best known for his works of fiction and his travelogues, which some detractors have gone so far as to say are one and the same.

Earlier in his career as a journalist, Sorensen was assigned by his paper to investigate the assassination of Iain Underholm Smallwood. His results were never published and it was shortly thereafter that he gave up his residence in Iganefta to travel the world, documenting his journey for Iganefta Recorder. Some observe that this ensures he is never in one place for too long and speculate it may have something to do with his investigation while pointing out how difficult it is to travel for such an extended period on only a journalist's salary. Fausto has never commented publically on the matter other than to say that some people have far too much time on their hands.

Rumors alternately have Mr. Sorensen as a member of the Tarkherk Corps, the Order of Truth and/or the NeoAlezanians. The only group to which Mr. Sorensen claims any affiliation is the Iganeftan Bindlet Ball team, the Pickers, during whose -16 EC season, he was the team's leading Scorer and foremost Parliamentarian - the only time in the team's history that a single player has held both records during one season.

Fausto Sorenson, Ghyll Player

No information is currently known about this player.

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