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Kalen Firth, Ghyll Scholar

A scholar who prides himself on his unenthralling speech, he is disappointed if he can make it through a lecture without everyone going to sleep. It is considered bad manners to forget to bring a Pillow to one of his lectures. Some of his fellow Scholars have been known to run in fear if he starts heading up toward the front of an Auditorium. Mr. Firth, the only title he will accept, accepts all this with good humor. It is well known that he writes terrible Novels under false names which subsequently sell very well. Suspiciously, many have turned up in the dumpsters of Bute University. Coincidentally, it is believed that the better a book sells, the less time he spends speaking. He submits articles to the Encyclopedia most as something to fill the hours that he spends not speaking, and not making his books any better.

Kalen Firth, Ghyll Player

No information is currently known about this player.

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