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Lankin, Ghyll Scholar

It should be noted that nothing would have happened had his parents merely known that lead paint is not suitable food for pregnant women. Lankin began to show some excessive habits at an early age, and his exile from the University of Ildekabar might or might not have had anything to do with his optional view on things like sanity and personal space.

Since then he has travelled the world of Ghyll, building up vast stores of knowledge, in addition to a rather strange reputation. He still tries to get his so-called facts accepted by his peers, who for some reason don't always agree with him. An infuriating fact he'll just have to cope with, hopefully without eating the carpet this time.

Lankin, Ghyll Player

Lankin is a student taking creative writing at the moment, who desperately tries to break into the fabulous world of authorship. He thought that this project was ingenious and would be a nice place to practice that elusive talent we call writing.

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