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Nikos of Ant, Ghyll Scholar

Nikos of Ant is a scholar of great renown (even if only within his small circle of friends and colleagues). He has had a life-long interest in the near ancient past (between -900 EC and -200 EC) and has actively pursued, purchased & produced items of great historical significance, just ask the folks who frequent Professor's Pub in Odlucia. Born long ago he was early orphaned and given as ward to the great archaeologist How'Kartr of Pant (who himself had lived over a half-life by that time). Being raised by a man steeped in dirt and the things that come out of it, having led a life of grubbing (as the kids today say) and spelunking, and being in his own over-the-half-hill, suffice it so say that Nikos knows his stuff. Nowadays with his legs, back & arms not being what they used to be Nikos, prefers to use the services of students, wannabe-students, and the occasional mendicant-whore in the acquisition of new and rare items.

Wallinger Geneology Info

Here is some piecemeal info regarding the Wallinger House

Regg Wallinger is the father of Latvi Reginal Cronin Wallinger; Regg has a first cousin Elki Hue Vallinger (now Amber)

Latvi Reginal Cronin Wallinger and Jelena Brandi Dossleham-Lenhork are the parents of Bavariana Aliya Wallinger

Latvi Reginal has retained his two surnames of Cronin and of Wallinger. The Wallinger House ("House" denoting the family's aristocratic dignity) has been around since at least the -400s. We also know that the Wallinger side of the family is part of the Yall Tribe, the core consisting of the Wallinger/Vallinger/Vallian/Yekhoto family bloodlines.

Jelena Brandi's maiden name is composed of her two surnames hyphenated - that of the Dossleham family and of the Lenhork family (though any linkage between this woman and the other known personages of those clans has not been made, and there may be no blood connection at all)

We also know that Latvi Wallinger is the father of Bavarian Magdalene Wallinger (but there is neither reference nor inference that Jelena is her mother, though this is not negated in any manner either)

These three women are sisters (presumably by, at least, the same father): Bavarian Magdalene Wallinger (b. -69/04/12), Jack/Jacky Wallinger (whether Jack and/or Jacky are nicknames or her legal name has not been addressed as far as I know), and Bavariana Aliya Wallinger (b. -54/7/1)

Bavarian has had numerous marriages. Bavarian and Claude Smallwood resulted in two sons (still unnamed? but retaining Wallinger surname) and daughter Niala Wallinger. Bavarian and Batholemew Sinch resulted in daughter Siam Sinch. Bavarian and Windsor Creame resulted in no children

Jack/Jacky Wallinger has married a man with the surname Juffers

Bavariana is married to Kardiff Calvian; their children are: Kardiff Aeleks Calvian (son, b.-23), Latvi Bouk Calvian (son, b. -21), Brandi Soo Calvian and Nigala Jasna Calvian (twin daughters, b. -18)

As to the youngest generation it is known that Siam Sinch has married Gabson Foyle/Foye

Vallinger Geneology

Elki Hue Vallinger married Bouk Amber. They had eight children (7 girls and 1 boy), those named are elder daughter Aria, son Oregano and youngest daughter Alia

Elki has a first cousin Regg Wallinger

Bouk has a grand nephew Bela Wallinger

Aria married into the Humm family

Creame Geneology

Windsor (b. -58) and Alessa Creame are brother and sister. Very late in life Windsor Creame married Bavariana Wallinger.

Alessa married a member of the Mboya family and gave birth to at least one son, Daniel Mboya.

Smallwood Geneology

Roger Ululator and Alice Bob Charlie David Edward Smallwood are the parents of Iain Underholm (son, b. -75) and Lane (daughter, b. -73).

Lane has never married (unless it is undocumented) nor given birth to any child (as far as I know) and remains a recluse.

Iain Underholm has a sister-in-law who gave birth to Iain's nephew Claude. Iain & Lane have an unnamed older brother.

Claude's mother is Aleksandra Mary Blackgold (descended from Mary Elizabeth Carsokian)

Claude Lloyd Albert Smallwood (b. -62/7/11) married Bavarian Wallinger but later divorced. Claude is a distant third cousin of Sylvia Beth Panderlock

Foye or Foyle Geneology

Adelaide Clementine Chimmlefut is the second cousin, twice-removed, of Sylvia Beth Panderlock (a Carsokian); she is also the mother of Gabson Foye/Foyle. Gabson married Siam Sinch. This means that the mother/daughter combo of Bavarian Creame (Wallinger) and Siam Foyle (Sinch) have married into the Carsokian Clan, and that Bavarian's two sons and daughter Niala also have Carsokian blood flowing in their veins.

there may be more info.... I am still checking --Nikos of Ant 10:07, 28 Aug 2005 (EDT)

Nikos of Ant, Ghyll Player

No information is currently known about this player.

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