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Eric Vitiello, Ghyll Scholar

Eric's recent interest in the simple things in life have prompted him to leave his esteemed position at the Bureau of Forgotten Knowledge, where he was Head Caretaker and Researcher for 25 years. After moving to Dandarth, where he owns a large farm, he began devoting his time to understanding the native people of that region and cultivating the yearning to learn in younger generations. Eric has also began determining the origins of the fefferberry and has cultiated many new varieties of fefferberry explicitly for fermentation.

Eric Vitiello, Ghyll Player

Principal of Perceive Designs, an Internet Design and Programming firm specializing in Web Applications and .NET programming. He has a blog (doesn't everyone?) at Eric likes to spend his free time sleeping. Sometimes he makes wine too. Want winemaking info? Try Too many plugs? Who knows!

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