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Ghyll Scholar, Precarious Armada

No information is currently known about this scholar.

Ghyll Player, Precarious Armada

Precarious Armada found a reference to this game in the blog of one of her favorite comic strips. She thinks it sound like fun, but is a little unsure as to how to proceed.

Which comic strip? I know it was in Nodwick, but that's more a book than a strip. Anyways, ask any questions you'd like. We're a friendly bunch here. At this point, we're on turn H, which means that you'd go to Ghyll Phantom Index and look for an H phantom that has not been "dibbed" (ie. claimed) or started. Click the little # next to it, and you'll see everything that is currently related to that term. If any of it sounds of interest, you can "dib" that phantom by simply editing its page, and claiming it somehow ("MINE! MINE, ALL MINE! AHAHAH!"). From there, you write the entry, which is the whole ball of wax that makes the game the game. Also, get used to using --~~~~. That's just shorthand for "include my name, a link, and the current timestamp" to whatever I just said. It looks like this: --Morbus Iff 10:39, 5 Jul 2005 (EDT)

It was Nodwick!--Celeste Theresa Worthinghood 10:55, 5 Jul 2005 (EDT)

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