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Qwentyth Pyre, Ghyll Scholar
'''Qwentyth Pyre, Ghyll Scholar'''

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Qwentyth Pyre, Ghyll Scholar

Hmmmm... well then. You say you want to know about old Qwentyth hmm? Not much to tell really. I was born in -58 EC, a contempoary of Windsor Creame, though I never met the man myself. I've lived alone just outside Evesque Valley for most of my life, and the near-by children think I may be one of the last remaining Alezanians. Stupid kids. The idea keeps them out of my garden though, so I don't try to tell them otherwise. Heh.

When I heard the Great Council of Ghyll wanted to put together an encyclopedia, I knew they'd need old Qwentyth's help. So here I am, with all the knowledge I've collected over my long life to help correct you young'uns when you get it wrong.

--Qwentyth Pyre 21:13, 2 Sep 2004 (EDT)

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