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Qwentyth Pyre, Ghyll Scholar

Hmmmm... well then. You say you want to know about old Qwentyth hmm? Not much to tell really. I was born in -58 EC, a contemporary of Windsor Creame, though I never met the man myself. I've lived alone just outside Evesque Valley for most of my life, and the near-by children think I may be one of the last remaining Alezanians. Stupid kids. The idea keeps them out of my garden though, so I don't try to tell them otherwise. Heh. When I heard the Encyclopedants wanted to put together an encyclopedia, I knew they'd need old Qwentyth's help. So here I am, with all the knowledge I've collected over my long life to help correct you young'uns when you get it wrong.

Qwentyth Pyre, Ghyll Player

No information is currently known about this player.

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