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Makarii Spitignev, Ghyll Scholar

Makarii Spitignev was born and raised in the slums of what used to be known as the richest section of the city, Iganefta. Working in the upper city as an apprentice to the craft of blacksmithing, Makarii was the unfortunate victim of a freak accident involving a book binding machine that deprived himof the ability to be a smith. On that very day he had sworn to himself that he would write a book, being one of the only possible things left to do, thank god the damned book binding machine didn't destroy his writing hand, a book that will warn the people to come not to live in a poor place and become a blacksmith. In his later years, what with not having much to do in his still poor life, he had decided to also become a Ghyll scholar.

Robbi, Ghyll Player

Unlike many of you other people in this sad attempt at a role playing world, I have found that I am no longer "computer-dependant", but I see it as a source of entertainment, not a lifestyle, you British fuck (Sean). After detaching myself from this shit hole, aptly named "Ghyll", I have found that most people who are "computer-dependant" find their only entertainment in insulting people that they have no knowledge of, except calling them "fat-fucks". Also, they find that the only friendship they can accept is from some other "fat-fuck" (as you would call it, Mr. Palmer); by discussing the size and speed of their computer. I conclude my statement, with yet another. You're just sad.

Heh! It took me ages to work out what's going on here ("how odd, I've never called him a fat-fuck..."), and I haven't stopped laughing since I did. Absolutely hilarious; thanks Robbi! --Sean B. Palmer 02:41, 18 Mar 2005 (EST)
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