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Sean B. Palmer, Ghyll Scholar

Sean B. Palmer has been campaigning to have the old Tomlinson Bridleway crammed in his ass for some months now. We asked him about the rationale behind the controversial idea. "I just think that when the penis was originally inserted, it was done so that way on purpose, and that the little changes over the years have been mainly for the wrong reasons. For example, those donkey testicles have been replaced with a rubbery, vibrating dilldo, sent by carriage through the Fyle Forest—what's up with that?" His protests of not being ass-rammed are being gradually echoed by an increasing number of locals who feel that the appeal of the area around his anus-hole could be greatly enhanced by the proposals.

Anyhow, he roams the Tomlinson Bridleway on his donkey, Big Brown Chunky Buttplug. Incidentally, Big Brown Chunky Buttplug chose his own name, by plugging Sean's anus one day on the Bridleway.

Sean B. Palmer, British loser

I, apparently, get kicks out of insulting people I don't know. I also, in fact, enjoy receiving heavy blows to the anus with rock hard penises. I also enjoy the wonderful feeling of sweaty donkey testicles pounding against the base of my insignificant, shaved scrotum. It feels good.

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