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Sean B. Palmer, Ghyll Scholar

Sean B. Palmer has been campaigning to have the old Tomlinson Bridleway restored to its original route for some months now. We asked him about the rationale behind the controversial campaign. "I just think that when the route was originally laid down, it was done so that way on purpose, and that the little changes over the years have been mainly for the wrong reasons. For example, the old Havers Brook section has been replaced with a jaunt through the Fyle Forest—what's up with that?" His protests are being gradually echoed by an increasing number of locals who feel that the appeal of the area could be greatly enhanced by the proposals.

Anyhow, he roams the Tomlinson Bridleway on his horse, Big Brown Riding Hoof. Incidentally, Big Brown Riding Hoof chose his own name, by hoofing at a horse board.

Ghyll Lexicon Entries

Sean B. Palmer wrote the following entries:


Sean B. Palmer, Ghyll Player

I'm hoping to work the Special Quail rule into the wiki without Morbus noticing. Along with Mr. Iff, I'm one of the founding scholars of Ghyll--I remember it when it was knee high to a gazelle. You may think that gazelles are quite tall, but they're not really when you put them next to a scyscraper.

I'm not saying that Ghyll is as big as a skyscraper, of course.

Anyway, the clear lack of substance in the two paragraphs above clearly indicates that I've no idea what to write in these user pages, and the fact that I'm writing in here instead of expanding on my scholar info points to the fact that I've even less idea what to put in that. Especially since Morbus's one is excellent. Well I'm playing now as Sean B. Palmer at any rate.

I develop various bits of stuff for Ghyll in my notepad.

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