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Snafu Bohica, Ghyll Scholar

The Venerable Snafu Bohica is the greatest living loremaster of Agarttha, fabled temple city hidden deep in the Jorvyll mountain region. Having recently awoken from an opiate sleep in his gilded coffin, Snafu has heard of the Ghyll Encyclopedia and wishes to translate some of his order's texts for inclusion in the project. Since he cannot travel outside the borders of Agarttha without losing his mystical longevity, Venerable Snafu will communicate with his cabal of spies, scouts, and treasure-hunters by means best left unspoken of.

Snafu Bohica, Ghyll Player

Jess Gulbranson, of Mandatory Entertainment, can claim all sorts of things about himself that are no doubt exaggerations. See what little evidence there is at NW Drizzle, NW Drizzle under his own name, and something strange but true.

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