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The Snood Trunion, "Scholar" and Purveyor of the Finest of Things

The scholarly pursuits of The Snood Trunion, the youngest of this generation of the Trunion lineage, began when he was but four years out of the womb. For it was at this time that he set about trying to put together a detailed classification of all his toy blocks not only by color, but by relative size, weight, shape, and number of bumpy things on the top. And yet, after having devoted seven years of his young life to this endeavor, he felt his life was still not complete. Thus, he applied to Bute University at the tender age of 11. He was, quite succinctly, denied admittance. This traumatizing event stilted the poor Snood's image of himself, and he went into hiding in the basement of his parent's home. He did not resurface until about -9 EC, at which point he published his book of memoirs, entitled Playing the Field: How to Pretend to Know Everything About Everything. The book was a best-seller for twelve weeks. Two years later, he published a book of lumics entitled I Have No Clue What I'm Doing, But I'm Bound to Pen Another Best-Seller by Name Recognition Alone. An excerpt:

There once was a fellow from Ghyll.
He doth make his home there yet still.
Though once in a daze,
To his friend he did say,
Man, I can't write lumics for shit!

Since then, The Snood Trunion has lived in Folktown, the center of scholarly life in all of Ghyll, with occasional sabbatical trips to Iganefta-on-the-Sea, and other far away towns.

As of late, his contributions to the encyclopedia have been coming postmarked from the village near Dŵplat. It can only be vaguely speculated as to what he is doing there but, as is the common practice of Ghyll and most Ghyllians, vague speculation abounds. One official source has it on good authority that the Snood has taken a wife from another orthogonality and has decided to abandon the scholarly life to settle in the small village and start a family. What orthogonality that might be is unknown. Another likely story has it that the Snood has found another way to further the Trunion lineage, but just what that was remains a mystery. Of course, given that little is actually known about the inner workings of a Trunion, it seems quite plausible that he may accomplish feats of reproduction no Ghyllian is capable of accomplishing.

Bryan Andrews, Ghyll Player

A young man of twenty years making his home in rural Texas with wife and three children. At nineteen, obtained an electronic mailing address, situated at Yahoo!. Currently unemployed, as all great scholars tend to be.


  • U - Urching tracks, and phantom Toria. Please do be gentle in your critiques, as this is my first entry.
  • V - No entry for V. My internet was shut off.
  • W - Worrying, and phantom backcountry. Perhaps I'm starting to get the hang of this.
  • X - Absolute Erasure, and phantom unknown soldier. A spotlighted entry! My bosom swells with pride.
  • Y - No entry for Y. We recently moved, and my internet is not connected yet. As such, I am updating from a friend's house.
  • Z - Zavinian House, and phantom Trunions. My first original entry, and as such, not as cohesive or integrated as I would have wanted.

This is my user page, and if I want to arbitrarily change some facets of my character, I will, damnit!

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