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Known as The God of Polluted Air, Varlansk is worshipped by some (such as the Nitenmangrey), and considered to be a joke by others. The name Varlansk can not be spoken aloud, according to Nitenmangrey culture, on pain of death. This custom continues to hold true today, but the author of this passage has not witnessed anyone try (or dared it himself). It seems most people either respect the custom, or just do not know Varlansk exists.

Varlansk was brought into existence by the Creator and is a member of the Wrathful Divine Quintuplets (known as Vulcrue), who regularly try to foil the Joyful Divine Octuplets (known as Shtreiml).

Citations: Creator, Shtreimi, Vulcrue.

--Leonard J. Keatings 23:39, 25 Mar 2005 (EST)

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