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The Veri’psofie is a duel philosophy that is ever in tension against itself. Comprised by the Visiverip and the Ostroverip, this conceptual ideatrix seeks to formulate the best method for educating the up-and-coming generations.

Visiverip, stemming from the Olkuul and meaning "wringing of hands," answers the question by pointing to conglomerate barracks administered by well-formed leaders. As to content, Visiverip thought says these barracks (or schools) must teach the 3-4-2-3. This curriculum was developed hundreds of years ago by the man known as Martian; it is comprised of Grammar, Logic and Argumentation; of Geomancy, Rithmatic, Astrology and Musack; of Medicine and Law; and of Theology, Printing and Historiographics.

Ostroverip, Olkuul for "mindful work," states that knowledge can only be gained by contemplation of the Ideas which rule the world. Reflection on what is seen, says Ostroverip teaching, can only be illuminated by beginning with a mental conception of the unseen. The thrust of this worldview is that first one begins with an idea (the unseen) and then reflects upon the world (the seen) to reveal what is true. The classic question from this line of thought has come to be, "What is splak." It then goes into a sublime series of thoughts, questions, answers and further thought which brings the student into focus upon the ideal splak, the idea of splak, and the ultimate truth bound by the word splak – a truth unchangeable by the various physical forms splak may take in this world.

Most adherents of Visiverip state that Ostroverip is just a bunch of splak. Likewise, followers of Ostroverip say that their opposite-minded brothers are wringing their hands over nothing. Though quite at odds with each other, together, this system has been used for over a hundred years in the major schools of our lands, and recently have been introduced into the elementarys as well.

Veri’psofie is not believed to be the main educational thrust of the Dulalian Empire, but as information from that secretive regime is less than forthcoming, observations have been made mostly in relation to the Dulalian Brothers of the Lantern. This Brotherhood specializes in four classical subjects (only one of which fall under the 3-4-2-3, that of Theology).

In the greater Folktown area, it is our towns and a few larger villages that have developed the schematics of Veri’psofie. The peoples of the smaller villages, hamlets and weinerschnitzles seem too preoccupied with the harvest to bother much about proper education.

Elementaries that follow the Veri’psofie include Keentho ‘el in the town of Rim (this school joins the Veri’psofie with the Antiquational Curriculum of which the shrug and raspberry operations form a core component) and the Vestampton Children's Academy, outside of Cranee (which specializes in the "4" aspect of the classic Martian curriculum). Schools that follow the Veri’psofie include the House Augtig Mountis Gratis of Unilateral School of Folktown (known for its emphasis in Ostroveripsism as well as all things theoalchemical) and the Mandeville Girls School, of Sejfeld. Universities that follow the Veri’psofie include Bute University (which has expanded the study of Rithmatic to the cutting edge in its expounding of Normal Math – no matter what any critics may say) as well as the Thoorbone Academy (known far and wide for its teaching of the Resgrewian Method of Debate – and as the leading eggsack for the incubation of future Adjudicators, Advocators, and Adversicators).

Those schools whose foundations do not follow the Veri’psofie indulge in other philosofies and curriculae which expound such areas of discipline as Archaic Languages, Material Arte, Subaqua Container Manufacture, Unforeseen Consequentials, and the so-called Natural Sciences (biotoxicology and taxidermatology). Also organized under the term "School" are the various teaching societies such as the Aminfarances Institute of Science and Technomancy, the schools of occultogists, and the schools of artistic expressions (such as NeoPostAncientism). These societies are not organized with the same formalities as the other institutions mentioned, but some groups within said societies do follow the Veri’psofie to one degree or another.

Citations: Antiquation, Curriculum, Resgrewian debates.

--Nikos of Ant 16:36, 21 October 2005 (EDT)

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