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Vulcrue is an acronym applied by occultologists to the Pentadeity of the Alezan pantheon, the Wrathful Divine Quintuplets, hatched from the first egg clutch of the Creator. Its individual members are:

  • Varlansk, God of Polluted Air
  • Ul'o, Lord of the Filthy Waters
  • Looly, Divinity of Dark Fire
  • Carsok, Defiled Earth Mother
  • RUE, Deity of Shameless Self-Promotion, and Pancakes Too

Collectively, Vulcrue represents the forces of Corruption, and bears the alternative titles of Fangthane, Lord Death, the Crawling Chaos, Ruler of the Throne of Madness, the Gray Slayer, and the God of Change ("for the worse" being understood). Vulcrue's positive counterpart is Shtreiml, the acronym for the Joyful Divine Octuplets, second-born of the Creator.

Vulcrue is also, for some unfathomable reason, worshipped under the guise of a Higher Power (which may take any form from a swirl of smoke to a tree in the Elminster Mire) by spelgof addicts.

Citations: Alezan pantheon, Creator, Shtreiml.

--John Cowan 22:39, 20 Mar 2005 (EST)

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