White Lady

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Daydream Believer: And you say you saw a what now?

Mox Elder: A white lady.

Daydream Believer: Would you say this is the same White Lady that the rest of your troop says you've been muttering about since the Gomin the 2nd, -58 EC?

Mox Elder: I would.

Daydream Believer: Would you say that your personal experience with this White Lady is the reason you laid down your weapon and surrendered your troops to the enemy, even though current analysis suggested an easy victory?

Mox Elder: It was plainly obvious that she w...

Daydream Believer: What is the color of Incriminating Evidence No. 2?

Mox Elder: White, but I...

Daydream Believer: WRONG! This, you who sit so smuggly in this hall of justice, is an ivory figurine crafted from a child of Fijjit. If you can't tell the difference between such simplistic features as white and ivory, how could you tell the difference between your own twisted delusions and that which is really happening?! Dare you take us for a pre-pubescent? How can we ever, and I'll say this again for emphasis, how can we ever trust that your testimony is based in reality?

What the White Lady is, or isn't, is certainly not the province of this scholar, so I'm quite .. . . curious as to why this was slipped under my door. My cursory investigation doesn't show much in the way of facts: Mox may or may not have seen something, it may or may not have been due to Ball Lightning Liqueur tests, and he may or may not be crazy. He's certainly making a killing on the tour circuit though: an informant over at Harrabloon Bank confirmed a rather large sum of money in his accounts.

Citations: Daydream Believer, Incriminating Evidence No. 2, Pre-pubescent.

--Morbus Iff 11:32, 28 October 2005 (EDT)

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