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Gregor Tobias Whostly is the featured keys-man of the Freege Horn trio that plays at the notorius Cadaver on Arbuckle Hill. He is best known for his Quiver'n'bend stylings as well as his near obsession with the legendary Rater Goldfish.

Whostly was born in -72 EC and studied at San Sebastian's First School of Folktown where he first met his hero. Later, he remarked that, "at first I thought he was the worst Bindlet Ball coach I'd ever met, but then I realized that the Gods had gifted him more adequately in other ways." Whostly's mother recalls it differently: "Gregor was crying on the bench because he had actually touched the ball in the last period and Gordon came over to comfort him by saying, 'Perhaps you should take up the Freege Horn instead?'"

Whostly became a bellows man for several years after passing his basic courses by touring with popular groups such as Turboduck and the Firebird Jazz Ensemble. As he toured, he slowly developed the skills of a key-man learning from every musician he bellowed for. But becoming known as a keys-man was tough after mastering his bellowing skills as he had. Even Goldfish himself was known to remark that "nobody blows like Whostly."

Whostly's fate was forever changed on the night of 3 Gomin, -22 EC - one of the nights that the 'Daver burned to the ground. He had been playing as keys-man with a small jazz ensemble, Blowtie and the Hoofish, when the building caught fire. He personally caried all of Brian's sexteen (fecksadecimal) horns out of the building sparing them from the blaze. That night, the owner hired Whostly to become the 'Daver's regular keys-man.

Whostly has only published a single composition in his professional career. The tune, entitled Onomatopoeia is the only known composition for a single-horn, solo Freege Horn. His composition, however simple, is ideally suited to those learning the craft of becoming a keys-man and so is very popular with students of the instrument.

Whostly continues to play every Xarochsday at the 'Daver; sometimes well into second moonrise. He is fond of giving patrons opportunities to bellow for him and has been known to make encouraging comments to those who blow well.

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--Dr. H. L. Ackroyd 12:16, 1 Apr 2005 (EST)

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