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Not woorying, as it was commonly called among the Looliers, the practice of worrying in Ghyllians was begotten long ago, during the ages of the first Dagger Seas city-states. It is also said that the Avazian people had worrying tendencies, though they apparently did not have a term for the feeling they felt when staring down a circle of Justice Devices. Common symptoms of worry include, but are not limited to, chewing one's writing implement, pulling one's hair, double- and triple-checking locked doors, tapping of feet, and biting of nails. In extreme cases of worry, patients have been seen running naked and screaming along the unpaved roads of the backcountry, or rocking back and forth with arms crossed, mumbling splak about doomsday and the end of civilization.

One famous worrier in recent Ghyll history was Antony C. Sutton who, upon receiving rosters featuring an extensive list of the members of The Monotapute Society, was discovered planning his own suicide involving a multitude of fefferberries and umlaut tea. Or perhaps he was having lunch?

Citations: Antony C. Sutton, Backcountry, Dagger Seas.

--Snood Trunion 02:50, 26 October 2005 (EDT)

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